Volume 1, Issue 6 
November 2013

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The Voice of the Villas is a communications tool produced independently of Colorado Oaks, LLC, Kemmons Wilson, and the Villas at Great Plains Park HOA.
This publication is by and for the residents of The Villas at Great Plains Park in Aurora, CO.


Time for the Villas @ Great Plains
New Year’s Eve Party!
7:00 - 10:00pm @ Villas' ClubHouse

(Musical entertainment begins @ 8:00)
Time to Hale 2014 & Farewell 2013

Time to greet our newest neighbors and
to bid adieu our ‘snowbird’ friends!

Wear your ugliest holiday sweater to enter our UHS competition!

Bring a Snack to Share - Soft Drinks Provided - BYOB
No Need to RSVP

Hosted by Jan & Doug Teasdale and Nyla & Norm Taylor

The Ladies of the Aurora & Longmont Villas

Join the LOVs from Longmont on this fun turn-about event! Once a year each community hosts the other at their clubhouse. Participants enjoy meeting friendly and like-minded Villans. 

Annual Christmas Lunch
Friday, December 6th
11:00 am at Aurora Clubhouse

Christmas Round-About 

Visit decorated Villas' homes!

Thursday, December 19th at 6:30 pm

Meet at the clubhouse to begin the walk-thru tour of several homes in the neighborhood.

Then return to the clubhouse around 7:30 pm for snacks and a Christmas Sing-a-long!

  • I would like to open my home for the tour!

  • Include me in the tour (I may or may not be opening my home.)

  • I will be joining in the fun at the clubhouse at 7:30!

Weather permitting, Bob Nutzman will transport those needing a ride in his “Christmas Golf-Mobile!”


Duke and the Porcupine

By Vern Stahl

Our family pet was a big yellow boxer dog named Duke. Well actually his name was Dewey until my dad hired a family to pick peaches whose name was also Dewey.  So to avoid any confusion, my dad said we must rename our dog.  Dewey became Duke.

One day we heard this terrible commotion down in the willow patch below our place along the North Fork of the Gunnison River.  There was lots of barking and yelping and we knew Duke had cornered a skunk or something.  My dad grabbed his rifle and went to see what all the fuss was about.  After a while, we heard a few shots and pretty soon Duke came running towards us with a face and mouth full of quills.  The poor animal was in great pain and he tried to pull them out with his paws.  We wanted to help him but was not sure how (the time was BV, before veterinarians).  We took care of our own animals.

kidsA neighbor raised Irish Setters and liked dogs so he came over and he and my dad went to work.  They stood Duke on his hind legs and tied him up to the yard-light pole, tried to give him some chloroform to deaden the pain and began pulling out the quills one at a time with a pair of pliers.  My brother, sister and I could not bear to watch, but later Dad said that Duke did not resist them even though he was in such pain.

As a boxer, Duke was a strong muscular dog.  A fighter!  He survived the ordeal but my dad said when he shot the porcupine it was almost dead already.  Evidently, the pain of the quills caused Duke to attack his “dragon” rather than run from it.

Perhaps a lesson to live by, don’t you think?

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Each month in the newsletter we feature a couple of Villans so we can all learn more about each other. This month the following new residents completed the questionnaire.

Click HERE to view the Profile for Patti Ann Riley.

Click HERE to view the Profile for Barbara Curtis.

Click HERE to access the Profile Questionnaire.

Bible Study Group's Blanket Project Update

The Bible Study group delivered eight more children's blankets and three adult blankets to Gabriel House recently. That brings the total number of blankets donated to 40 children's and nine adult blankets. Yay! Judy Shaw, who is heading up this project, adds some ribbons and a Scripture verse to the children's blankets.

Judy sends a big THANK YOU to those who have donated cash and fleece material, as well as those who have been tying the blankets. The new mothers who get these blankets are excited to get them!

If you don't knit or crochet, donations of yarn, money, and/or your time are welcome. If you want to help, call Judy Shaw at (H) 303-923-3138 or (C) 303-929-9860.

Everyone is welcome to join the Bible study group that meets Thursdays at 9:00 am at the clubhouse. Arrive around 11:30 if you want to just help with the blankets.

din (The Villas’ Italian party night!)

Click HERE to see pictures of this event.

Click HERE to see Gloria's Pepper Salad Appetizer recipe.

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The Line-Up

Did you identify these people from last month? They are Amy and Dave Simms!


Join the fun---send us YOUR picture!

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Dog owners please be aware when you are walking your dogs, that there are coyotes in the neighborhood. To scare them off, carry an air horn or whistle to make a loud noise and carry your cell phone so you can call someone if you feel threatened or need help. 

Remember, if you are ever in trouble or are feeling threatened in any way, don't hesitate to seek assistance from the closest Villas resident. Jan Teasdale

No Movie Night in December

But... movies will resume in January. Look for a notice in the January newsletter to find out what the movie will be.


Mike Esparza, a long-time resident of the Villas, creates cartoons as a hobby and shares them with us via the newsletter. LOL! (Laughing Out Loud) TYM! (Thank you Mike!)


Good morning!

Want to let you all know that the Villas Miniature Golf Course is still open. The course now has 20 holes available including hole #15 which has been sitting in the bottom of Vern Lake for over two months. It’s a little mucky walking around it, but it allows for nice even putting.

And, we now have a new course manager… his name is Wylie Coyote.  He has been seen three of the last six days out there. He has been passing out coupons for valued merchandise which is being sold at the Blue Trailer Clubhouse. The menu at the Clubhouse has not changed.  Specials include Prairie Dog Pizza and Cajun Rabbit Stew. 

As you have probably noticed, lights have yet to be installed on the course for night putting. I guess the work order has been misplaced… again.

Enjoy the day…go Packers !! and Broncos !

Larry Thiel
Villas' Golf Course CEO

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Ahhhh, great nap! Now, over to Delma's for some juicy flowers.

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