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Awareness, Knowledge, and Ultimately, Preference for Your Communications Objectives

Cavalcade, now in our second decade, specializes in two disciplines:

Video Production

CAVALCADE is a talented, distinctively creative video production company….from concept to completion.

Delivering first-class results on-time is not our only objective. We are truly satisfied when, as a result of our work, clients gain benefits and opportunities for their established communications goals.

Under the direction of our seasoned producers, directors and writers, we create a wide-range of programs including:


Public and Media Relations

CAVALCADE specializes in news media appearance training and consulting.

Do you believe your CEO, your president, your public affairs personnel, your managers are really prepared to meet the news media?

Cavalcade’s excellent training is a solid insurance policy. Our training provides great depth, and builds real confidence because clients gain special and permanent communications skills.

Our programs include:


demo video

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Basic News Media Appearance Training
On-Camera/On Microphone & Print Media
The Corporate Spokesperson
News Conferences and Crisis
     Communications Strategies & Performance
Corporate and promotional videos
Marketing and sales pieces
Training and educational programs
Commercials and public service
Television programs

* As a Certified Women's Business Enterprise company, Cavalcade ensures that diversity and professional excellence are equally part of the corporate culture.

Updated: 7/12/10